Get Benzene Apps for Windows and Android

Get Benzene apps for Windows and Android and tryout full features of Benzene the billing partner of your business, Enjoy a simplified billing experience!

Why Benzene?

One Time Payment

Pay at once and enjoy Benzene features life time. No extra and hidden cost.

Barcode Scanner

Acts the smart phone as the wireless Barcode scanner for sales, purchase and inventory!

Bluetooth & WiFi Print

Connect Benzene with a portable palmtop smart Bluetooth printer or a WiFi printer.

Paperless Billing

Send runtime bills to your customers through WhatsApp or email as Text or PDF.

No Power & Internet

Don't worry the power failure and data interruption will not affect your sales!

Dual Lingual Billing

Benzene supports fully ZATCA compliance QR code dual lingual (English & Arabic) billing.

About Benzene

Benzene is a fully ZATCA compliance QR code dual lingual (English & Arabic) simply E-Invoicing solution for small & large scale business centers like, supermarket, grocery, cafe, food center and van salesman in Android and Windows with features, Inventory management, Build-in Barcode scanning, WhatsApp paperless invoicing and PDF bill share etc. Benzene introduces a simple and humble retail & wholesale billing solution. Moreover, access, track, plan and manage sales, purchase, inventory, customer and vendor. Benzene is a perfect offline point of sale and store management system for all types of retail, wholesale and service outlets. Your success is up to you so don't delay getting started your business with Benzene.

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